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Social Media

California Democratic Party / 
2018 Voter Rallies
CADEM Social Mockup.png
Elizabeth Warren Banner
Bernie Sanders Lecture Poster
Newsom Banner.jpg
Hypothesis Group / 
Gridspace Collective Info-Bites
Hypothesis Social Mockup.png
California Voter Registration Illustration
Maritime Day Illustration
The Fratellis / 
"Imposters" Single Album Cover
Imposters Mockup F22.png
The Fratellis _Imposters_ Single LP
Left Hook /
Rafael Castellanos Facebook
Campaign Identity
Castellanos FB Photo.jpg
Twitter Banner.png
FB Feed.png
Left Hook / 
We Can't Trust
Kristin Gaspar Campaign
TRUMP2 F22 GIF.gif
COVID3 F22 GIF.gif
aca2 f22 gif.gif
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