MFA Graphic Design

California Institute of the Arts



BA English and Creative Writing

University of Wisconsin - Madison


Growing up surfing in Southern California I found my greatest influences to be David Carson, April greiman, Tadanori Yokoo, and Sister Corita Kent. Using their magnetic principles of design, I crafted my thesis The Student's Big Book of Design Anxieties.


 Anxiety Free Graphic Design uses Graphic Design principles to treat and minimize the presence of Anxiety within the design process. Designers and other creatives are more at risk for mental illness than people in other professions. Anxiety Free Design will fill in the gaps that are widely present in mental health resources, websites, and physical activities. This project will put the designer in an an arena in which he or she is most comfortable: the graphic design space. Using this comforting area as a starting point, I will expand upon how the designer feels comfortable by crafting activities that minimize anxiety using design principles as the core tool kit.

Anxiety Free Design is a re-considered design of mental health resources to make them work specifically with the practice of Graphic Design to eliminate the struggle for effective help, education and treatment for designers with unmanageable Anxiety.

The main component of this project is the workbook entitled The Student’s Big Book of Design Anxieties. The supporting component, the website contains the activities and anxieties found in the book, but are more widely available online.